Scarlet has trained as a dancer and yogi for most of her life, relying on movement to express her truth and regulate emotions. She combines movement with awareness to discover body responses supplying codes for healing and transformation. Weaving through themes of vulnerability and strength, Scarlet guides body rituals that offer emotional release and rejuvenation. Scarlet helps women and youth to celebrate the divine by uniting the magic of Mother Earth with the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars in the body temple.

The body is a gateway for the alignment of Mother Earth to the magic of the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars.
— Scarlet Jaxen


Born as an empath, Scarlet feels the subtle undertones of the unspoken and was naturally drawn to the healing arts to complete her Social Work degree at the University of Calgary. Here she tapped into her magic as an intuitive guide. Scarlet has worked at local non-profits and health agencies as a Counsellor for over 10 years supporting people struggling from trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and oppression. Scarlet also managed a counselling team on Vancouver Island for at-risk youth exploring leadership as a tool for discovering strength and navigating adversity.

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In her bold and brave speeches and sessions at conferences, summits, and events throughout North America and Europe, Scarlet shares about her personal experiences of transforming wounds of patriarchy and offers tools to release suffering, rejuvenate the body temple and reclaim the wisdom from within to address power-abuses. 

Scarlet guides retreats and workshops for women to undress patriarchy. These retreats are designed to celebrate the sacred offering bold mystical ceremonies, re-aligning with the primal woman within, tuning into the wisdom of the body, and re-remembering our divine purpose and sacred gifts. 

Through youth workshops and event sessions Scarlet addresses the void teens face barren of spiritual teachings outside of religion. She creates a secure container to introduce youth to meditation and intuitive tools encouraging them to attune to their body responses and connect on a soul level with themselves and one another. 

Scarlet also offers intuitive guiding, moon ceremonies, mother-daughter guided rituals, and team-building workshops for health & wellness businesses. Scarlet commits herself to her offerings with integrity and great reverence for the sacred art of spiritual practices. She will invite you to listen to the whispering of your wild awakened heart, to practice full self-expression, and to tune into your sacred wisdom

Scarlet has been in partnership for 18 years with her beloved and is blessed to be a mother for their four year old son. As a family they love to travel, search for seashells on shorelines, body surf, build snowmen, howl at the moon, and sing to the stars.