Scarlet feels at ease speaking with youth, she doesn't hide, she doesn't tip-toe and yet she delicately holds firm boundaries. She can contain space for difficult conversations youth crave to brave. Her belief in the integral value youth have in forming our future is heard and felt by those she works with. Youth are able to align with their truth, to be seen and celebrated for the blessing that they are, and to connect together in sacred practices that foster a sense of tribe! Isn't this exactly what we all desire and so desperately need at the pivital moments of our youth?!  

Scarlet facilitates weekend workshops for youth to connect to spiritual practices. She introduces youth to meditation practices, visualizations, rituals for developing intuition, sacred sharing, shamanic drumming, clearing energy, emotional regulation practices, and experiences for connecting to the sacred.  


Imagine what your life would be like if you had been connected to spiritual practices as a teenager. Imagine knowing and trusting your intuition as a young woman discerning who to love and how to be loved. Imagine sensing the magic within your womb as you became initiated to the divine feminine. Scarlet is committed to giving youth opportunities for spiritual exploration outside of religion. 

Scarlet has dedicated over 10 years of her life to advocating, empowering, nurturing and leading youth facing adversity. As a counsellor and program manager Scarlet has worked with non-profit organizations and government health organizations to support youth coping with trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, bullying, loneliness, grief, sexualized violence, and poverty. In her experiences supporting youth she witnessed the impact of oppression and power abuse fragmenting the brain's stages of development and disconnecting youth from their sense of self. It became clear to her that youth crave a relationship to purpose, to something bigger than themselves, to being seen, to being heard, to be valued. Scarlet could see that the structures created to support youth were continuing to fail in addressing their needs.

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Waking Up (ages 11-13yrs) -  6 hours
In this workshop youth are introduced to the following rituals:
*setting up a sacred space
*getting grounded
*connecting to the voice of spirit within
*guided visual meditations
*salt water purification ceremony
*banishing negative energy ceremony
*"friending" anger
*welcoming a spirit team (angels, totems, gods & goddesses)
*the senses of intuition

Third Eye Revealed (ages 14-15yrs) - two 6 hour days
In this workshop youth dive deeper with some of the rituals explored in "Waking Up" and are introduced to the following:
*active self-reflection tools
*journalling from the heart
*re-remembering that which you are exquisite at...your soul purpose
*releasing grief for relief
*discernment practices & body intuition
*waking up the womb
*moon ceremonies
All the ceremonies and rituals practiced are provided in a take-home journal with reflective follow up questions

If you have a group of youth that are searching for a gateway to spiritual practices, Scarlet would be honoured to lead a workshop in your community. Please inquire for workshop options and potential dates.  

Scarlet also speaks at events for youth throughout the world. She shines light on the power imbalances that youth are faced with and offers suggestions for connecting to a spiritual practice. Scarlet affirms the worth of youth voices and the purpose they hold within community to be brave, bold, and expressive. Facilitating reflective awareness, Scarlet encourages youth to discover the themes they hope of humanity and determine who they will be being as allies for a new future. 

If you are hosting a youth event, Scarlet would be honoured to share through speech or a guided workshop for teens. Please inquire below.

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