Scarlet and Jayde are two of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the privilege to know. Their offerings are so pure and intentional, thought out to every last detail. They have this beautiful balance of the ability to fearlessly and powerfully guide you deep, to swim in the depths of the most sacred places, where it is raw and sometimes uncomfortable — but ensure that you feel safe and comforted while you are there, which is so key to being able to find ourselves in a genuine way, build that trust and connection, and do the healing we all need. They truly understand the sacredness and impact of ceremony, ritual, and circling with one another, and hold the space for all of it well. Scarlet and Jayde’s work is profound - if you are looking for a deep drink, look no further.
— Stephanie Cutler, participant, doula, reiki master

No experience necessary | Ages 19+ | Registration Only | 
$70 | $60 early bird*


Scarlet facilitates workshops for groups of women. She guides ceremonies and rituals designed to build trust, foster empathy, and deepen connections. She helps to weave a web of shared purpose to cultivate a union of tribe. 

Scarlet offers guided meditation, active self reflection exercises, intuition practices, and body rituals to celebrate the sacred. She facilitates a journey through the elements of air, fire, water, and earth inviting women to connect with their passion, desire, and expression.

She emphasizes the value of being courageous, creative, bold, and empathetic to awaken the wild-heart and connect with the brilliance of divine spirit. 

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Women's Wisdom Workshop

TBA, Victoria BC
In this workshop Scarlet guides ceremonies and rituals exploring themes of anger and grief, acknowledging the cultural conditioning that shames these emotions keeping them trapped within the body. Scarlet offers a secure container for release of stagnant energies causing dis-ease within the body and re-birthing vibrancy, wisdom and purpose. Through dance, laughter, chanting, sharing, and being present, women celebrate the sacred together.

This four hour workshop is designed for women hungry for deep connection to Mother Earth and the magic of the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars. If you are interested in hosting a Sacred Women's Workshop in your community please inquire below. 

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