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Workshops for Women
Scarlet facilitates a journey through the elements of air, fire, water and earth connecting women to their passion, desire and voice. Weaving webs of unity through spirit Scarlet guides ceremonies for purification, intuitive insight, rising power within, and nurturing the body temple

Workshops for Youth
Scarlet offers a secure container to introduce meditation, movement rituals (including yoga postures), sacred sharing, shamanic drumming, clearing energy, emotional regulation practices, and intuition rituals from a relevant and developmentally accessible approach.   









No experience necessary | Ages 19+ | Registration Only | 
$70 | $60 early bird* (booked before June 30)

Women's Wisdom Workshop
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ENERGY - creation - presence
Priestess Gaze - celebrate the sacred through guided meditation and chanting

INTEGRATE - declare - birth
Sharing Circle - within the sacred bonds of sisterhood share the seeds planted in your womb preparing to be birthed


Scarlet facilitates workshops for groups of women, youth, and workplaces. She guides ceremonies and rituals designed to build trust, foster empathy, and deepen connections. She helps to weave a web of shared purpose to cultivate a union of tribe. 

Scarlet offers guided meditation, active self reflection exercises, intuition practices, and body rituals to celebrate the sacred.  

Scarlet has combined her education and experience managing a team of counsellors with her experience as a facilitator, mentor, and yogi. She emphasizes the value of being courageous, creative, bold, and empathetic to awaken the wild-heart and connect with the brilliance of divine spirit. 

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Workshops for Workplaces
Scarlet guides workshops designed to rejuvenate teams and weave webs of shared purpose. She tailors themes to meet the needs of each team and offers opportunities for reflection, nourishment, and refreshed energy. Yoga studios, healing centers, body practitioners, and educators are able to celebrate the sacred together, deepening relationships and enhancing team spirit.  

If you would like to book Scarlet for a Workshop please submit an inquiry. 

Women's Wisdom Workshop

TBA | 1-5PM | MOKSHA | 1088 Fort St, Victoria BC
In this workshop Scarlet guides ceremonies and rituals to facilitate shedding and seeding. Scarlet offers a secure container to help women release stagnant energies and birth new beginnings. Using meditation, body rituals, intuition practices, magic, trance, chant & sharing, participants weave through the elements of air, fire, water, earth, and energy.

AIR - mind - confusion
Cedar Tea & Meditation - settle into awareness and presence
Drum Journey with Ancestors - visit with your spirit guides, angels, and animal totems uncovering messages and stories to support your blossoming

FIRE - spirit - anger
Releasing Repression - honour the protest to guide you in being more aligned with who you are and what you need and then tuck the anger to bed in the loving arms of Mother Earth.

WATER - emotions - grief
Womb Wisdom - invite your intuition to reveal wounds weaving within you that are ready to be shed creating space for new birth & new beginnings
Salt Water Purification - cleanse and let go

EARTH - body - grace
Hathor & Ixchel - tune into your inner guide & surrender into receiving using crystals and aromatherapy oils to seal new intentions into the body temple


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Sacred Women's Workshop

In this workshop Scarlet guides ceremonies and rituals exploring themes of anger and grief, acknowledging the cultural conditioning that shames these emotions keeping them trapped within the body. Scarlet offers a secure container for release of stagnant energies causing dis-ease within the body and re-birthing vibrancy, wisdom and purpose. Through dance, laughter, chanting, sharing, and being present women celebrate the sacred together.

This four hour workshop is designed for women hungry for deep connection to Mother Earth and the magic of the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars. If you are interested in hosting a Sacred Women's Workshop in your community please inquire below. 

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