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Born as an empath, Scarlet feels deeply and was naturally drawn to the healing arts to complete her Social Work degree at the University of Calgary. Here she tapped into her magic as an intuitive listener and open-hearted guide. Scarlet has worked at local non-profits and health agencies as a Counsellor supporting people struggling with substance abuse, trauma, depression, self-harming and anxiety. Scarlet currently practices as a Program Manager supporting a counselling team for at-risk youth and their families. She continues to practice from an anti-oppressive, feminist, trauma-informed perspective with a commitment to empowering clients to discover their own answers for healing from within.  

Scarlet has trained as a dancer and yogi for most of her life, relying on movement to express her truth and regulate emotions. She has developed a unique style of yoga-flow that weaves students between vulnerability and strength. She helps women celebrate the Goddess within by uniting the magic of Mother Earth with the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars in the body temple. Her yoga offerings incorporate themes of emotional release and reclaiming the body as a temple. 

Scarlet co-facilitates sister circles monthly on the full moon. These circles offer women a space to practice ancient rituals and ceremonies based on different themes each month. Women gather to share their experiences, rise their power and connect together for healing. 

She has been in partnership with her beloved for 17 years and has the blessed role of supporting and nurturing her son. 

Scarlet commits herself to her offerings with integrity. She will invite you to listen to the whisperings of your heart space, to practice full self expression, and to tune into your sacred wisdom.