Womb Water Wisdom Retreat


Womb Water Wisdom Retreat

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April 4-7, 2018
You experienced magic with the Women’s Sacred Retreat and you’re ready to go even deeper...so we’re bringing you the Womb Water Wisdom Retreat!!

This experience is only available to women that have completed one or more of the original Women’s Sacred Retreats.

Every point in the circle we’re creating has shed outdated scripts & wounds passed down through her lineage. Every sister has released her outrage and reclaimed her spirit power. And because of this brave work that’s been done, our circle will be able to journey even deeper into the intuitive waters of our living wombs!

In this 3 day and 3 night retreat, you’ll explore the chapters after protest. You’ll remember the wisdom of grief and reclaim tools that cultivate surrender and acceptance. You’ll hold space for the sorrow of loss and invite your tears to clear and cleanse cycles of heartbreak.

Aligning with the magic of water, you’ll purify your womb, dissolving stale wisdom and creating space for new intuitive guidance. You’ll wash away fear, insecurity and shame. Then you’ll bathe in theblessings of holy water. You’ll dance in the mystic waves of feminine grace.

Connecting to the medicine of the jaguar, you’ll recover your primal instincts and intuitive senses. You’ll reclaim faith in yourself as a leader, trusting your womb to govern the course of your life.

You’ll rediscover the blueprint of your life; the map of your soul. Journeying to your mother’s womb you’ll re-remember your destiny. Here you’ll recover your true nature.

And you’ll reconnect to the cosmic womb of all creation. You’ll journey through layers of time and space remembering the remedy to our global heartache. You’ll collaborate within sisterhood to cradle the hurt that pulses through your body, the land, the people, the animals, and the elements. You’ll rediscover pure love and bask in its beauty.

In the Womb Water Wisdom Retreat, you will re-claim your peace, you will re-remember surrender, and you'll re-awaken your intuition

Thursday April 4
8pm Open Sacred Space

Friday April 5
8am - 9pm
Breakfast & Lunch & Supper Provided

Saturday April 6
8am- 9pm
Breakfast & Lunch & Supper Provided

Sunday April 7
Breakfast & Lunch Provided
3pm Close Sacred Space

Price Options
$600   camping (3 spots) 
$645   mini cabin bunk (2 spots) 
$690   shared room, twin bed (6 spots) 
$735    private room, twin bed (1 spot) 
$762    private room, double (3 spot) 

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