Women's Sacred Retreat

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Women's Sacred Retreat

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Women’s Sacred Retreat
In this 3 day & 3 night retreat we undress patriarchy! We gather as sisters to shed all the cultural messages that have encouraged us to live small, to repress our emotions, to disconnect from our desires, and to give beyond our means. We confront the subtle voice implying we are both not enough and too much to handle. We reconnect to the ecstatic truth whispering deep within us. We reveal our sacred purpose and birth new beginnings.

This bold retreat will provide opportunities for you to release patterns, ways of being, and cycles that are no longer supportive or helpful. You’ll be invited to shed wounds of patriarchy that may be running through your blood passed down from previous generations. You will be led through ceremony to align with your inner power and remember your warrior strength. And you’ll be guided through practices that foster intuitive insight, helping you to reconnect with your deepest truth. In this retreat, you’ll weave through release and rejuvenation, emerging fully inspired and connected with the radiance & beauty that you truly are.

This retreat offers the added nourishment of 40 beautiful acres of sacred land, delicious locally crafted vegetarian meals crafted by Kari Mathieson, an outdoor sauna & shower, cozy accommodations, and of course time and space free of responsibilities and expectations! Feel your bones be nurtured by Mother Earth, your cells revitalized by presence. Come and celebrate the sacred with us.

*unleash your wild adventurous heart
*connect with your inner warrior to shed cycles no longer serving you
*reveal your true desires
*reclaim your feminine wisdom
*release emotion trapped in the body
*celebrate your sacred gifts
*nourish your body temple
*re-remember your sacred purpose
*shed wounds of patriarchy
*create new ways of being, projects & ideas
*learn how to apply an anti-oppressive lens to your spiritual offerings as a coach, guide and healer 

-drum journey with spirit guides
-chakra balancing meditation
-sharing circle
-body rituals
-yoni intuition
-freya womb release
-cedar tea meditation
-restorative yoga
-sacred singing

When: September 26-29, 2018
Where: Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm, Salt Spring Island

Cost: $55 - $762 (accommodation options)

Camping $600 | $555 (3 spots)
Mini Cabin Bunk $645 | $600 (2 spots)
Shared Room, Twin Bed $690 | $645 (4 spots)
Private Room, Twin Bed $735 | $690 (1 spot)
Private Room, Double Bed $762 | $717 (3 spots)

*early bird discount of $45 with a deposit of $100 received by April 30, 2019. Deposits are non-refundable.
*payments can be made online or by etransfer info@scarletjaxen.com

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