Who is Scarlet Jaxen?

I am a priestess, a guide, an ally, a mother, a lover, and a sister. And like you, I’m on a quest exploring the well of my inner wisdom! I believe we all have gifts that make us exquisite and it’s our job to discover these strengths and let them be seen and celebrated in the way that feels right for us.

Like so many women, I remember being a child that sensed the truth that wasn’t spoken but could be felt. I was described as sensitive, dramatic, too loud, and too much. I didn’t realize it then, but my too-much-ness was alerting the patriarchy of my intuitive superpowers! So it’s no wonder I kept stumbling into messages encouraging me to disconnect, disengage, and quiet down. I started to believe the world (mainly the adults in my life) instead of trusting my instincts. And I stopped listening to that sacred voice that lived within me.

In many ways I became compliant, trying to be the nice, generous, appropriate woman, wife and mother. But every time I was silent when I really wanted to scream, and everytime I said what I should instead of what I meant, and everytime I gave more than I had to give, and accommodated more than I felt comfortable with, I could sense the emotional lava bubbling higher and higher from my root towards my throat. Suffocating me.

For almost 20 years I have been exploring my wounds, the chapters in my life that have made me the sacred woman that I am. I have discovered my inner warrior, grown into my own mother, and have helped my inner girl to heal. I’ve found my Sekhmet strength, my Pele passion, and my Dana wisdom. These are my feminine gifts and I share them unapologetically, courageously, and generously!

Was so beautiful thank you goddess from the bottom of my heart and womb. You are such an inspiration and exactly what I need in my life. Thank you thank you thank you ♥️
— Shae Savage, retreat participant

These gifts have carried me through a 10 year career as a counsellor, advocating, holding space, and exploring solutions with people who have been impacted by adversity. I’ve had the honour of hearing how tragedy has turned to triumph with every brave person who trusted me with their secrets.

These gifts brought me to sisterhood and woke me up to the teachings of the ancient feminine. They’ve brought me mentors, teachers, shamans, and healers that have taught me how to trust myself, channel Goddess, and birth my creativity. My gifts help me craft circles, workshops, and retreats for women to remember the tools of intuition. And, I trust that they’ve brought you to me!

Wherever you are on your quest to discover your inner wisdom, it would be my honour to hold space and co-craft experiences for you to listen to the whispers of your wild untamed heart, and tune into the teachings of your wise womb waters. Let’s tune in, turn on, be brave and find freedom together!