Scarlet Jaxen, BSW
Intuitive Guide/Facilitator/Consultant

Born as an empath, Scarlet feels the subtle undertones of the unspoken and was naturally drawn to the healing arts to complete her Social Work degree at the University of Calgary. Here she tapped into her skills as an Intuitive Guide. Scarlet has worked at local non-profits and health agencies as a Counsellor & Group Facilitator for over 10 years supporting people coping with trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and oppression. Scarlet also has experience managing teams of health professionals providing strength-focused services for families navigating diversity. She has worked with multi-disciplinary teams providing training, exploring barriers to consistent care, developing healthy working relationships between agencies, and bridging professional frameworks so as to provide more holistic and accessible care.

As a Consultant, Scarlet works with business owners and management teams to develop strategies that encourage healthy communication, collaboration and positive team culture. She also offers team training on various topics including; giving and receiving feedback, managing power within hierarchies, integrating systems for accountability, reflective practices, working through ethical dilemmas, and positive methods for communicating change/transitions within organizations/businesses.

Scarlet has trained as a dancer and yogi for most of her life, relying on movement to express and regulate her emotions. Scarlet combines facilitates body rituals that weave through themes of vulnerability and strength, offering emotional release and rejuvenation. Within individual intuitive sessions, workshops, and retreats, Scarlet guides ceremonies that encourage women to celebrate the divine by merging the wisdom of Mother Earth with the magic of the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars.

Was so beautiful thank you goddess from the bottom of my heart and womb. You are such an inspiration and exactly what I need in my life. Thank you thank you thank you ♥️
— Shae Savage, retreat participant

Scarlet has professionally taught as a dancer and yogi since 2008. She incorporates body rituals that invite emotional regulation and healing into her workshops, sessions and retreats. Scarlet facilitates bold, mystical ceremonies designed for women to re-connect with their intuitive senses, to re-remember their destiny, to shed outgrown patterns and cycles, and to reclaim the magic of the divine feminine. Scarlet also offers individual intuitive sessions for women interested in reflective inquiry & energy work. She guides ceremonies for women honouring the passageway from pregnancy to birth as an alternative to the traditional baby-shower.

Scarlet values her integrity and has deep reverence for the sacred art of spiritual practices. As a guide she will invite you to listen to the whispering of your wild awakened heart, to practice full self-expression, and to tune into your sacred wisdom. As a consultant she will work with you to assess the dynamics within your team and develop opportunities for better collaboration and service delivery.

Scarlet has been in partnership for 19 years with her beloved and is blessed to be a mother to their five year old son. As a family they love to travel, search for seashells on shorelines, body surf, build snowmen, howl at the moon, and sing to the stars.