“I entered into this retreat with an open mind and open heart. I wanted to come home to myself, to embrace who I am. These Goddesses were so amazing holding sacred space for me so that I could embark on the journey within myself so that I could find me. Thank you sisters as today I leave this beautiful land awake, alive and my heart is full. I am forever grateful for my sisters and this amazing journey. I love you. Thank you. With love, gratitude, and light.”
— Ruean, participant from May 2018 Retreat
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I facilitate a series of retreats designed for women to reclaim their feminine superpowers! Unfolding over four stages, beginning with Fire, then Water, Earth and Air, we visit the holy temple (our own bodies) to rediscover our radiance and celebrate our wildness! Each retreat takes place over 3 days and 3 nights and can be completed either exclusively or sequentially.

Using meditation practices, body rituals, and ceremony, we remember the brilliance of the divine feminine! It’s a juicy experience of deep connection, renewal, and collective inspiration. Whether you are new to meditation and earth magic or have lots of experience, this is a sacred space to dive into the wonder of what it means to be a woman!


Women's Sacred Retreat - FIRE | Sept 26-29, 2019 | 
Salt Spring Island, Canada

Release, Rejuvenate, Reclaim

Are you tired of dimming your light? Sick of cramming yourself into a box that’s too small? Do you dream of being braver, bolder, and more fully self expressed? Have you grappled with the script of being “too much”? Are you ready to realign with your true nature and unleash your wild, untamed, vibrant, radiance?

The Women’s Sacred Retreat is designed to help you deepen your connection with the intelligence of your body. It’s about reclaiming your emotional toolbox and learning how to listen to the subtle cues your feelings are alerting you to. Through a series of body rituals, meditations, and intuitive practices, you’ll visit the well of your inner wisdom revealing your greatest gifts, your true desires, and your sacred purpose.

This retreat will help you realign with your inner power, grace, confidence, and courage. It will help you uncover the mission you’ve been crafted for and support you in birthing whatever projects, ways of being, or ideas that live within you!

In this retreat you’ll be part of re-writing the way women relate to one another. You’ll re-learn how to celebrate other women and re-discover the sacred art of collaboration! You’ll bask in the warmth of sisterhood, knowing you truly belong, you’re valued and you’re supported by other women who are rallying for your success.

You’ll rediscover the superpowers of the feminine and create harmony with your inner masculinity. You’ll feel the strength and courage of your inner warrior and the peace and grace of your inner crone.

This is a transformative experience that will help you step into a more fully expressed way of being, with the confidence to manifest the life you crave, and the tools to make it happen. You’ll emerge feeling unapologetic for your radiance and ready to celebrate yourself as the Goddess you truly are.

You’ll also be nourished with decadent vegetarian meals, 40 beautiful acres of lavender fields & forests, a sauna with an outdoor shower, and TIME and SPACE free from responsibilities and expectations!! You’ll feel your bones being nurtured by Mother Earth, your cells being revitalized by presence.

Come celebrate the sacred with us!

*tap into your feminine superpowers
*reveal your true desires
*reclaim your intuitive senses
*rediscover your emotional toolbox
*celebrate your sacred gifts
*uncover your body’s intelligence
*reconnect to sisterhood
*re-remember your sacred purpose

When: September 26-29, 2019
Where: Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm, Salt Spring Island
Cost: $555 - $762 (accommodation options)

Camping $600 | $555 (3 spots)

Mini Cabin Bunk $645 | $600 (2 spots)

Shared Room, Twin Bed $690 | $645 (4 spots)

Private Room, Twin Bed $735 | $690 (1 spot)

Private Room, Double Bed $762 | $717 (3 spots)

*Early Bird Discount of $45 with a deposit of $100 received by August 31, 2019. *Deposits are non-refundable.
*Payments can be made online or by etransfer info@scarletjaxen.com

13 spots are available | www.scarletjaxen.com

We work with the energy of anger in this retreat. This is done mindfully, with great consideration that we live in a culture with trauma. We do NOT work with aggression. We use body rituals to release feelings that have been repressed and trapped in the body. We relate to anger as a cue of that which our spirit protests, so rather than demonizing the emotion itself, we explore ways we can take accountability for this energy without causing harm to ourselves or those we love and care for.

This is a substance-free event. If you require medication or medicinal marijuana please touch base with us to discuss the parameters we have to ensure the well-being of all our participants.

If you would like further details to discern if this retreat is a fit for you, please email us at info@scarletjaxen.com.

With love and deep gratitude,

Scarlet & the Women’s Sacred Wisdom Team

Women's Sacred Retreat
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It was an experience that combined shedding old thoughts, stories and ways of being inside of ritual in a safe, sheltered space. It was a space in which my soul, heart, emotions, and my mind experienced freedom from constraint and judgement, from within and without. It was a life altering experience over which I’ll not get. Thank you, you women who gave it your all so that I, and my amazing journey sisters could soar.
— Lori Smith, participant, retreat Oct 2018