women's Sacred Retreat description

In this retreat we undress patriarchy. We are tired of the cultural messages embedded in our blood that keep us from being fully self-expressed, that have us believing we are too much or nor enough, that encourage us to push away our emotions and subtly ask us to be more and give more. We are shedding belief systems that praise love and joy but demonize anger and grief. We practice authenticity and encourage self love to accept both the light and the dark. 

We return to ceremonies we know women have been practicing for lifetimes, and we re-remember our cells, ourselves, our fire, the wisdom waters of our womb, the mystical powers of our bodies and their primitive connection with the earth. We commune in Circle using the elements of nature to be nourished by the Great Mother and to dance with the divine magic of the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars realigning with our soul's true purpose. We are brave warriors, wild and wise. 

We offer sacred space to expose, nourish, deepen, soften, celebrate, and ground. We meditate, release emotions, flow through movement, connect with the divine feminine through womb ceremonies, listen to our sisters, heal, sing, dispel patterns no longer serving us, create intentions, purify, practice presence and uncover our hearts true desires. Come step into the sacred. 

Freya Release
Women are invited to connect their sacred sex (yoni) with the earth. Using guided movement and visualization women invite the waters of the womb (and the blood for sisters on their moon cycles) to merge with earth. Together we release wounds of patriarchy for ourselves and our sisters. We release all feelings of guilt, shame, blame, repression, and fear into Mother Earth to be composted and purified into new supportive energy. This is a transformative practice of rising our collective power to end cycles of oppression. This ceremony is practiced with great reverence, attunment and ethics. 

Scarlet is passionate about ending power cycles that encourage women to suppress, avoid, accommodate, deny, act from guilt and to forfeit the heart's desires. She has been searching for and healing the wounds within for 15 years. She offers her 10 years of experience as a counsellor trained in anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, feminist practice to support women in re-remembering their own wisdom. She has professionally taught as a dancer, yogi, and fitness instructor since 2008. She offers guided body rituals to aid in emotional regulation and connection to spirit. 

Jayde has been dedicated to empowering girls and women for the past 15 years through counselling, activism, research, fundraising, teaching, and therapeutic yoga. She believes deeply in the healing of connection, the sacredness of ritual, and the certainty that we all are interconnected divine beings. Jayde has mastered the art of holding space and is honoured to keep sacred the hundreds of vulnerable moments and stories that have been shared with her as a counsellor and group facilitator. Jayde brings her gentle spirit, empathetic gifts, open heart, and genuine unconditionally loving witness, by seeing and hearing every woman in circle. 

We recognize that women are hungry for more: to be truly empowered and to feel free, whole, and AWAKE! Now more than ever, we need to yell, cry, dance, sing, share, laugh, release, and connect together. We are honoured to facilitate this journey in re-remembering. You are held, you are seen, you are loved, and you are celebrated. 

We look forward to connecting in sacred space with you,

Scarlet & Jayde