Purification Spell

Purification Spell
Fill a mug with water, salt, lavender or cedar, and edible essential oil (peppermint). Imagine the mug as a cauldron, stirring a sacred brew of refreshing, renewing, cleansing magic.

Blessed be thou creature of Water (hold the mug in your right hand)
Blessed be thou creature of Earth
(hold the mug in your left hand)
Salt & Water
(hold the mug in both hands)
Inner & Outer
Body & Soul
Be cleansed!

Release all that is harmful
Bring in all that is healing
Powerful Pisces Moon shine your light into this brew
By the powers of life-death-and-rebirth
So must it Be!

Drink the potion, with every intention of cleansing your sacred temple. Feel a burst of romantic and creative energy pulsing through you. Sense your inner mystic and psychic powers strengthening. Feel the surge of new certainty streaming through your blood.

Sip the potion and connect to your inner child. Any part of her that feels haunted by wounds, let this potion cleanse and heal these scars. Any threats to her sense of security or her ability to trust, let these be mended with this brea.
Sip the potion and connect to your inner maiden. Any part of her that feels regret for ways she pioneered or moments she was quiet but wanted to speak up. Any part of her that felt unable to be authentic and conformed to fit the expectation society crafted for her. Bring this potion to heal these past feelings.
Sip the potion and connect to the woman you are today. Any scripts that are keeping you from fully loving and accepting yourself, bring this sacred remedy here now. Feel in your body where you are holding onto ideas of not being enough, not belonging, not being important, not having power, and feel these fears washing away.
Sip the potion and connect to the woman you will become. Any ideas of becoming worthless or invisible, any doubts about your crone wisdom, let these dissolve with the magic of this medicine.
Sip the potion and scan your body for any hidden parts of you that are maybe not sure they can be shed. Accessing your intuition, your psychic senses, discern if you have learned the lesson…can you shed this part of you now? Can you let yourself move forward into the direction of who you are now? Bring this potion to any lingering doubts you might have about your strength, resiliency, power and magic. Feel your whole body being cleansed and cleared.

Take a moment to connect with this new energy.