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Mothers Teach your Daughters

Scarlet offers rituals and ceremonies you can practice with your daughters. Mothers become the leaders for their daughters from power-with roles practicing reverence for the wisdom within every womb. When women facilitate rituals that generate grounding energy it re-awakens the wisdom that may lay dormant within. Through leading our daughters we become role models for celebrating divinity and we initiate our girls into feminine practices that enhance intuition. Scarlet has tailored these practices to be accessible and appropriate for children and youth, but she encourages mothers to listen to their own wisdom and adapt as needed.  

If you are interested in mother-daughter ceremonies please subscribe below. What can you look forward to from your subscription?
*Suggestions for setting up a sacred space
*Rituals for getting grounded
*Connecting to your spirit team
*Ceremonies based on themes of connecting to the sacred feminine, intuition, and discernment. Including menstrual moon practices, intention setting, discovering your intuitive senses, heart-centered journalling.