Mother Blessing Ceremony

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Scarlet has over 10 years of experience as a counsellor, facilitator and intuitive guide. Her Mother Blessing Ceremonies help women remember the sacredness of birth. Ceremonies can be customized to fit the comfort of each Mother. Whether you are new to women's rituals or have been celebrating the sacred for decades, Scarlet can tailor an experience that meets your vision for this special occasion. Please see the selection of rituals listed below. 

Mother Blessing Ceremonies are scheduled for 3 hours and can take place during an afternoon or evening. These events can be hosted at the pregnant Mother's home, at a guest's house or in a rented space. Scarlet encourages guests to indulge in a feast afterwards to integrate the ceremony and bask in the magic that has been created. 


This ritual calls on the Goddess Athena through song. Women are guided through a womb chant as they weave through a circle taking turns holding their gaze with the pregnant Mother. This ritual invites presence and collaboration to inspire inner wisdom. 


Inspired by Aphrodite, guests gather around the pregnant Mother to celebrate her blossoming womb. Using paints, sisters are invited to adorn the Mother with flowers, strokes of color, symbols of love, and whatever else inspires her tribe.



Guests connect with the Goddess Eireen to offer nurturing love and tender touch to the Mother using oil infused with lavender to massage the Mother’s hands, arms, shoulders, feet, and legs. This ritual creates deep relaxation and peace for the mother-of-honour.


In this nurturing ritual the pregnant Mother is bathed in love. Women draw on the magic of the Goddess Oonagh inviting the mother-of-honour to completely relax. Guests use washcloths soaked in rose water to cleanse her temple and infuse whispers of reverence. This ritual can be paired nicely with massage.

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Inspired by Nemetona, guests are asked to bring gifts that the Mother can use to create a birth altar. Items suggested include Goddess deities, words of encouragement, aromatherapy oils, unscented candles, a silk robe for the Mother, herbs, teas, epsom salts, lavender eye pillow, crystals & gems, oracle cards, paintings, feathers, and chocolates. Gifts can be shared and then added to the center of the circle as an altar.


Guests combine their efforts in this sacred ritual of protection. Calling upon the Goddess Artemis, guests are guided through a ritual using tobacco to bless the home. Together women pray for security, courage, grace, and spiritual protection for the Mother and her loved ones. This ritual provides  mothers an added sense of security and assurance. Many women planning home births appreciate this blessing from their tribe. 


Scarlet offers customized Mother Blessing Ceremonies as an alternative to the traditional baby shower. These sacred events help to honour the passageway from pregnancy to birth. Blooming Mothers invite their women allies to this celebration which emphasizes the powerful role of Creatrix, Goddess, and giver-of-life. Scarlet facilitates rituals that invite guests to share their reverence for the pregnant Mother and offer their blessings for her birth. This sacred ceremony fosters connection, enhances  intuition, and helps align the Mother with her strength, courage and wisdom.

Mother Blessing Ceremony
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Women are invited to write notes acknowledging the strengths and gifts of the pregnant Mother. Inspired by the Goddess Sekhmet women collaborate to create a cone of power around the pregnant Goddess connecting her with the wisdom of Mother Earth and the magic of the sky-moon-and-the-stars. This ritual helps the Mother remember her brilliance and align with her true power. 



Each guest is invited to consider a word of encouragement for the Mother; strength, courage, wisdom, grace, power, intuition, love. Women choose from a selection of beads each symbolic of the feminine. Inspired by Goddess Rhiannon, women take turns sharing their word of encouragement setting intentions for a gentle, healthy, peaceful birth. Beads are woven together creating a beautiful mala birthing bracelet for the pregnant Mother.



Scarlet invites guests to connect with their intuition to choose a crystal/gem. Then women offer positive energy & blessings as they place crystals on the pregnant Mother. This ritual draws from the wisdom of reiki and invites women to connect with Goddess Ixchel to channel divine healing power.