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Scarlet I’ve been so impressed by your skilled facilitation and the way you boldly and beautifully bring forth ancient practices with a conviction that they are not just relevant but powerful and healing for all the women who show up to participate. I am inspired by how immediately and sincerely you connect with your participants, impart a belief in their strength and potential, and create a connection that highlights the commonalities among womens experiences.
— Kate Hughes, Circle Participant

Moon Ceremonies

Scarlet facilitates Full Moon Ceremonies each month. Women join her in person and online to connect through ancient rituals based on different themes. In solidarity women and girls re-remember their wisdom, rise their collective power and unite through tribe. In the wake of heightened awareness women are securing space to celebrate the feminine. With the energy of #metoo and #timesup swirling within us, the value of consistent self-care supports us in composting unneeded energy into the earth and replenishing our temples with restored perspective. When we can settle into stillness, listen to the wisdom within and weave a web of sisterhood, we become more prepared to show up aligned with who we want to be being in the world.

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