Meditation - New Path

Meditation - new path
Disconnect from your mind, the processes of thinking and figuring things out. Imagine tucking this logical part of you into a cozy bed for a rejuvenating sleep. It’s time to use the magical power of pisces to float into dreamland. Feel your body lighten as your muscles relax. Imagine floating on top of the sacred waters of Mama Gaia’s living womb. Sense your body encased within her intuition.

Take a deep breath together. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale certainty, exhale doubt. Inhale faith, exhale fear.

Imagine finding a closet door. Open it up, and bring out the suitcase inside. Start emptying out all the unnecessary baggage that has piled up in this luggage. Take out the scripts of not receiving your share, the scripts of giving beyond your means. Empty out all the doubts you have about being able to create, manifest, and discern what’s right for you. Pull out any feeling that you can’t trust yourself. Make sure you’ve got it all.

Now, notice what’s left over. What stands out that has value? What matters? Take a minute to pause and reflect on these priorities.

Let’s close up this suitcase. Find the door in front of you and step outside. Begin walking, you might see things that are familiar still. But, as you journey further, you come to path that is new to you. A fresh chapter lies ahead on this road, waiting for you, calling you forth. Take a deep breath. Inhale certainty, exhale doubt, inhale faith, exhale fear.

Set foot upon this new path. It is the best and truest path for you. Smell the aromas in the air. Listen to the sounds as you walk along this new earth. Sense the peace all around you, and within you.

A butterfly takes shape, fluttering across your view, a sign of transformation occurring. Keep walking, and pay attention to the people that emerge along the way. They are doing what they love, they are manifesting, creating, and sharing their talents. These are the people that are encouraging you along this new path.

Find a place to pause on this trail. Open your suitcase and take out the treasure you’ve been carrying all along. It’s been with you since the beginning. Feel and sense this sacred treasure.

In this moment you can do anything, it’s the right time to believe in yourself. You’ve shed the past, and you’re ready to embrace this new you. From this fresh perspective, you can be honest and open. Whatever passion you feel in your body, now is the time to give your undivided attention to it. You can act with certainty on this new path. You’ve got this!

Just ahead you’ll see the Goddess Lakshmi, signalling that the future is bright. Right around the bend awaits your greatest blessing. In the coming weeks, you’ll receive invitations to take action towards a new journey. Stay open and sense the magic of this powerful Pisces moon reminding you of your strength & your certainty.

Breath in this burst of creative energy. When you’re ready, begin to connect with your body again. Sense your floaty energy, finding solid ground. Feel the earth beneath you and reconnect with your senses.

Your meditation is now complete. This can be a nice time to journal about what was revealed to you during your journey.

With love and blessings