Intuitive Sessions

Scarlet offers individual intuitive sessions designed to unite women with their womb wisdom. Using her skills as an intuitive empath, facilitator and coach, Scarlet guides rituals and ceremonies that can be practiced one on one. Each session is customized to meet individual needs. Whether you are hoping to release outgrown scripts, or you’re interested in reclaiming the parts of you that you sense have been resting in the love and comfort of Mama Gaia’s arms, or you’re craving to rejuvenate your chakra system, in these sessions you can assess what practices align with the support you desire.

Scarlet is passionate about being an ally as you re-align with your inner guide; the sacred voice within you that always knows what is medicinal, helpful and healing. She invites dialogue exploring where you might feel held back, where you might be doing the right thing at the expense of your own needs, where you might be silent when you really crave to be heard, where you may be giving more than you really want to, and what would need to change so that you could honour the sacred cues of your body.  

Scarlet trusts in the process of unfolding and only leans in where she is invited. She honours you as the expert and trusts that you already carry the answers you are searching for!

Whether you are curious about women's ceremonies, wanting to go deeper with themes you’ve started to uncover, or following up your experience of a retreat or workshop, Scarlet would be honoured to guide you in a juicy, reflective process of re-remembering yourself and your wisdom. 

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