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Scarlet is passionate about aligning women with the truth. She invites dialogue exploring where women feel held back, where they are "doing the right thing" at the expense of their own needs, where they are silent when they crave to be heard, where they give more than they have to offer, and then inquires about what life would look like if the truth were fed rather than the masks and veils forced on. 

Scarlet trusts in the process of unfolding and only leans in where you invite her. She brings her heart wide open ready to receive you within love and tenderness. 

Whether you are curious about women's ceremonies, wanting to go deeper with themes already uncovered, or following up your experience of a retreat or workshop, Scarlet would be honoured to guide you in a juicy, reflective process of re-remembering yourself and your wisdom. 

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Intuitive Guiding

Scarlet offers individual guiding sessions designed to unite women with their womb wisdom. Using her skills as an intuitive empath, facilitator and coach, Scarlet guides rituals and ceremonies that can be practiced within the security and comfort of home.

Many women search for understanding their responses to difficult situations. Scarlet listens for themes linked to early development (belonging, safety, dependency, and power) as indicators of reactive responses (flight, freeze, adapt, fight). When women uncover the reactive responses they tend to lean on during times of perceived threat, they can cultivate a practice of nurturing the needs associated with that response. Once those needs are met, the pattern can dissolve and the mind is able to choose a response most conducive to the challenge at hand.